Why does my deck look so bad in the spring

As the first buds appear on the trees each spring, we look forward to entertaining and relaxing on the deck—until you venture out onto it, and you realize it’s looking pretty shabby. From tree limbs, to other debris, to splintering and warping deck boards, you wonder what happened to your beautiful deck. Thoughts of deck repair, deck cleaning, and deck maintenance begin to emerge, and you want to place blame. Well, it isn’t all spring’s fault—winter definitely had a role in the condition of your deck and maybe you did, as well.

Winter snow and freezing and thawing temperatures take their toll on your deck boards, as do spring storms. The moisture that sits on your deck for extended periods seeps into your decking, and grime, rot, and even mold can occur. If you didn’t prep your deck before winter by seal=-coating it, you may have contributed to your deck’s poor condition.

Here Are Some Things You Can Do to Get Your Deck Barbecue and Party Ready

  • Sweep up all the debris on the deck.
  • Remove any planters or furniture left on the deck over the winter and inspect the deck, assessing the damage.
  • Wash the deck to clean off any mold or mildew.
  • Consider seal-coating.

Yearly maintenance on your deck will definitely make it last longer, but getting your deck spring and summer ready can take time and effort—or you can call the professionals at Deck Wizard at 717.478.3006, and we will be happy to take care of it for you so you can be proud of your deck again.

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