Why does my deck have cracks and what is the best way to fix it

Virtually any deck, no matter how well designed, will eventually begin to deteriorate. One of the most common signs of deterioration is the development of cracks in the boards that form the walking surface of the deck. Not only is this unsightly—and potentially harmful to your home’s resale value—it can pose a safety hazard as well. Cracked boards can put splinters in bare feet; if advanced board deterioration is present, the damaged plank could give away entirely if weight is placed on it.

Fortunately, you don’t have to live with a deck marred by unattractive cracks. Let’s look into the causes of cracks and the solution for this all-too-common problem.

What Causes Cracks?

The weather is the prime culprit. Rain, snow, hail, blazing sun, freezing cold, and other presents from Mother Nature can wreak havoc on your deck.

Sometimes, deck cracks can be traced to poor installation, such as a failure to stagger planks adequately, which can create weak spots. It’s also worth pointing out that substandard decking materials tend to decay prematurely—this is definitely not an area where you should try to save a few dollars by cutting corners.

Heavy furniture and appliances can crack your deck as well. Always be careful when you’re outfitting your deck with chairs, tables, and other weighty articles.

What Can Be Done?

Filling in existing cracks can prevent further damage and strengthen the planks, but it’s important to realize that not all fillers are equally suitable. At Deck Wizard, we use a highly durable exothermic polymer filler to seal cracks.

A bad repair job will likely fail to solve your deck problems in the long term, and may even make matters worse. Your best bet is to contact Deck Wizard for professional deck restoration services in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia. Ask about our free deck evaluation.

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