5 Secrets to an Affordable Dream Deck

There’s no better way to soak in nature than by spending time on an outdoor deck, but deck installation and repair services can be extremely expensive. Here are 5 secrets for getting your dream deck without the high price tag: 1. Use composite materials. One …

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How long is a deck supposed to last

Whether you’re installing a brand-new outdoor deck or replacing an old one, you’re making a significant investment in time and money—an investment that you expect to provide long-term benefits that will eventually compensate for the initial expense. There’s no doubt that these benefits are substantial: …

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The best ways to get your deck ready for fall

As we enter the fall season, the daylight hours shorten, the temperatures begin dipping, kids start a new year of school, and our decks get covered by a messy collection of leaves. In anticipation of the arrival of the winter months, we present a few …

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Top Deck Furniture Trends

Decks are often considered an addition to a home, but at Deck Wizard we like to think of these areas as part of the house itself, and deserving of the kind of Tender Loving Care you would give to any other area of your residence. …

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Tips for Cleaning The Leaves Off Your Deck

During the fall season, everyone’s thoughts naturally turn to the same subject: What to do about all those leaves on the outdoor deck? They seem to come out of nowhere to take up residence all over the decking, the rails, the furniture, and every other …

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Celebrating Thanksgiving in Your Sunroom

One of the more compelling reasons to have a sunroom, deck, or similar attachment on your property is that it gives you an ideal area for holiday festivities. Sunrooms are especially convenient sites for these get-togethers, as their design essentially allows you to get away …

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How to protect your deck from sun damage

Frequent exposure to UV rays can not only dry out your decking but also cause the wood to absorb and retain water, which leads to splitting, warping, cracking, swelling, and rotting—but is sealing your deck the most effective way to protect it from sun damage? …

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