How long is a deck supposed to last

Whether you’re installing a brand-new outdoor deck or replacing an old one, you’re making a significant investment in time and money—an investment that you expect to provide long-term benefits that will eventually compensate for the initial expense. There’s no doubt that these benefits are substantial: …

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How to decorate your deck for a homey look

As we have mentioned in the past, a deck can be the hub of your household’s social activities, a place where you can fire up the barbecue, listen to music, chat with neighbors, or just watch the sun sink below the horizon. To get the …

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Three reasons not to pressure wash your deck

Spring may already be here officially and while that conjures up thoughts of barbecues and warm temperatures to come, it’s also a reminder to do some spring cleaning. We all know what that means—a thorough cleaning to the inside of the house. However, what about …

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